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Frailty & Resilience Working Group


Frailty is a multi-factorial biologic syndrome of decreased reserve, influenced by the combination of one’s physical, psychological and social health.  Although a recognizable and common phenomenon in ageing, it is difficult to accurately define and diagnose. Within the TILDA Frailty Working Group, we utilise this nationally representative and longitudinal study of community-living people aged 50 and over to explore the determinants and consequences of frailty. We also endeavour more accurately characterise this age-related syndrome. Waves 1 (2010) and 2 (2012) of the study have been completed. In Wave 3 (2014) we plan to expand our research activities to include resilience and the impact of muscle strength/sarcopenia in frailty.


The League

Jorge Luis Borges once wrote "everything touches everything" and in doing so elegantly and simply described the multi-factorial experience of ageing. As part of Dr. King-Kallimanis' Marie Curie Career Integration award titled "Frailty, disability, depression and cognitive impairment in ageing: Untangling complex relationships in the older population" she worked with a local Irish charity to raise awareness of programs aimed at engaging older men in a competitive pool program to improve both their mental well-being and physical health. This short documentary was made to highlight The League.




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